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Paper 58 -- Safety Analysis Methodology for ADS-B Based Surveillance Applications

The introduction of ADS-B as a surveillance source for both air-to-air and air-to-ground operational use presents many new challenges. While it is possible to use ADS-B for a variety of surveillance applications, development of requirements for these applications requires safety assurance. With the potential disparate uses of ADS-B, a common framework for safety analysis is of paramount importance, both for reducing the time needed for acceptance of new applications, and for providing a common basis for key safety requirements. This paper describes a method of safety analysis of ADS-B applications that has been agreed to internationally by United States’ and European standards bodies. The paper includes an example of the analysis for an important ADS-B application with anticipated near-term use. Although the analysis techniques themselves have a firm standing in government and industry, what is novel is the application of the techniques to the unique problems of ADS-B, and the framework surrounding the analysis that allows for continued development of ADS-B applications.
Theme: Safety in ATM
Keywords: ADS-B, safety
Posted by: Jonathan Hammer / Other authors: Gilbert Calgaris, Marta Llobet
Note: Unset Received On Jan 25, 2007

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