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A-SMGCS is a modular system defined in the ICAO Manual on Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS) [8]. Such systems aim to “maintain the declared surface movement rate under all weather conditions within the aerodrome visibility operational level (AVOL) while maintaining the required level of safety” [8]. With the complete concept of an A-SMGCS, air traffic controllers (ATCO), flight crews, and vehicles drivers are assisted with surface operations in terms of surveillance, control, routing/planning and guidance tasks. To harmonise the implementation of the first two levels of A-SMGCS, which focus on surveillance and conflict monitoring, and to further mature the necessary technology and operating procedures, the European Commission funded the project EMMA (European airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS) within the sixth framework programme. Within EMMA, A-SMGCS level 1&2 systems were installed at three European mid-size airports: Milan-Malpensa, Prague-Ruzynĕ, and Toulouse-Blagnac. Technical and operational trials were conducted at all three sites to verify the technical performance against the requirements and to prove operational feasibility. Additionally, real-time simulations were performed in order to tune parameters of the monitoring and alerting function and to also assess operational improvements under experimental conditions. The paper presents the EMMA validation approach, the main findings and results as well as lessons learnt.
Theme: Integrated Airport Management
Keywords: A-SMGCS, Air Traffic Control, surface surveillance, surveillance, Real-Time Simulations, Efficiency, BETA, Airport, Conflict Detection and Resolution Assistant System, taxi times
Posted by: Jörn Jakobi / Other authors: Jürgen Teutsch
Note: Unset Received On Jan 25, 2007

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