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Paper 38 -- Predicting Sector Capacity for TFM

A novel approach to sector capacity prediction for airspace congestion management is presented, in which traffic complexity is captured with traffic flow patterns. Predictability of flow features are quantified and considered in describing the traffic flow patterns. Quantifying sector capacity as a function of traffic flow pattern provides a good approximation of the amount of traffic that can be effectively handled in the sector. The sector capacity for each traffic flow pattern is established based on observed system performance to avoid direct measurement of controller’s workload and predefining workload threshold. Such a “predictable” sector capacity metric also provides a basis for capturing weather impact on sector capacity.
Theme: Dynamic Airspace Management
Keywords: Controller Workload, Prediction, Sector Capacity, traffic complexity, traffic flow management
Posted by: Lixia Song
Note: Unset Received On Jan 24, 2007

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