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Paper 17 -- Determining the Environmental Benefits of Implementing Continuous Descent Approach Procedures

Several research efforts to date have been aimed at demonstrating that Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) procedures have the potential for significant environmental benefits including reductions in noise, emissions, and fuel burn. These efforts typically involve evaluating small numbers of CDA flights under idealized flight test conditions. This paper focuses on the development and application of methods for quantifying potential airport-wide environmental benefits of implementing CDAs. These efforts are being performed as part of the demonstration of a CDA modeling capability within the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). Existing internationally accepted modeling methods and data are used, where appropriate, including methods described in the Third Edition of European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Doc 29 and data from EUROCONTROL’s Aircraft Noise and Performance (ANP) database. These are used in conjunction with real-world operational and flight procedure data to look at the noise, emissions and fuel burn benefits of CDAs. The benefits are evaluated based on potential future levels of CDA implementation as a function of traffic flow density. This type of analysis may help support Air Traffic Management (ATM) decisions on CDA implementation based on tradeoffs between the efforts required to implement CDAs versus the predicted environmental benefits.
Theme: Environmental Considerations in ATM System Design
Keywords: AEDT, Aircraft Performance, Emission, Environmental Impact, Modeling, Noise Abatement Procedures; Assessment studies, Terminal Procedures, Trajectory, continuous descent approach, noise
Posted by: Eric Dinges
Note: Unset Received On Jan 22, 2007

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