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Paper 31 -- Air Traffic Control Command Monitoring System Based On Information Integration

With the increasing demand for air transportation, all parties involved in the air transportation system have increased their efforts to make the system more efficient without sacrificing safety. This paper presents a new system based on information integration, the Air Traffic Control Command Monitoring System (ATCCMS), which integrates all kinds of fundamental information such as radar information, flight plans, voice communication, and weather conditions into a comprehensive information platform. In this paper, the context of voice communication is analyzed with speech recognition technology and is correlated with radar data and expert knowledge to determine whether any potential danger will emerge from the controllers instructions. Simulation experiments show that the safety level of air transportation systems will be effectively improved by the use of the information integration technique. The prototype of ATCCMS is under test run in North China Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC.
Theme: Decision Support
Posted by: Zhengping Ma / Other authors: Peng Cheng, Deguang Cui
Note: Unset Received On Dec 20, 2005

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