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Paper 26 -- The Big Iron

There are research activities in the United States evaluating various concepts of Free Flight. One such concept looks at autonomous flights for fully equipped aircraft operating in the National Airspace System. The flight deck of such aircraft will be fully equipped to uplink and downlink data (such as traffic, weather, etc.) and will be equipped with decision support tool(s) to process information for conflict detection and resolution and communicate with other flight decks and the service provider.This document presents an alternative architecture, a centralized information assembly and processing, and a decision support system called the Big Iron that can be implemented in long-term NAS operations under the Free Flight Concept. Such a system would provide a homogeneous decision support tool and homogeneous assembly of information coming from different communication means with differing levels of accuracy and latency. Consequently, appropriately equipped users would possess consistent common information.There are two potential problems identified under this approach: (1) delay in receiving the decision support analysis and (2) added strain on communication links expressed through additional bandwidth requirements. Both problems stem from having to transmit solutions and/or requests as opposed to processing them locally. Assumptions were made regarding the types of services necessary to support the autonomous operations that will be available and their associated communication links. The purpose of this research is to determine how much and what kind of information can be transmitted in time to enable safe and efficient operations under such centralized information and decision support processing and the timeframe in which this could be realized.
Theme: Decision Support
Posted by: Almira Williams / Other authors: Stephane Mondoloni, Diana Liang, Steve Bradford, Richard Jehlen
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