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Paper 12 -- Data Processing Techniques For Conflict Detection On Airport Surface

This work presents some data processingtechniques embedded in a system for conflictdetection on airport surface. They take the outputof the surveillance function (resulting from datafusion algorithms), and integrate specificinformation such as the description of the airportlayout and dynamic databases with the airportconfiguration and ground movement plans. Ageometrical representation of airport layout and amethodology for locating in it the mobiles,considering the statistical parameters of error inestimated positions are proposed. Then, a set ofcriteria for detecting the main types of surfaceconflicts, depending on the dynamic situations ofeach one are described. Finally, it is presentedan analysis of several statistical tests for conflictdetection to attain the best levels of performance.Results and conclusions were obtained bysimulation of representative scenarios.
Theme: Airport Management
Posted by: Jesus Garcia / Other authors: Juan A, Gonzalo de, Javier I
Note: Unset Received On Dec 20, 2005

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