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Paper 10 -- Atm System Status Analysis Methodology

The objective of this paper is to present a methodology designed to evaluate the status of a given ATC scenario in terms of relationship between the offered capacity and the air traffic demand, that permits to identify weaknesses areas and to determine solutions.Some general criteria are established to define the framework in which the analysis and diagnostic methodology presented is placed. They are the use of ATC sectors as analysis unit, the presence of network effects, the tactical focus, the relative character of the analysis, objectivity and the exclusion of the human and CNS elements.The steps followed by the methodology start with the definition of indicators and metrics, like the nominal criticality or the nominal efficiency of a sector; scenario characterization where the necessary data is collected; network effects analysis to study the relations among the constitutive elements of the ATC system; diagnostic by means of the System Status Diagram; analytical study of the ATC System development limit; and finally, formulation of conclusions.This methodology was employed by Aena and INECO in the analysis of the Spanish ATC System in the frame of the INCA program.
Theme: Metrics and Performance Management
Posted by: Luis Negrete / Other authors: Alvaro Urech, Francisco Saez
Note: Unset Received On Dec 20, 2005

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