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Paper 9 -- Airborne Separation Assurance Validation With Multiple Humans-In-The-Loop

This paper describes two experiments, in which multiple humans controlled a large numberof aircraft in a simulation of a Free Flight environment. The high number of human-humanconflicts allows the investigation of the effect of human interaction on micro-scale and on the trafficpattern. The results have also been used to compare the behaviour of the pilot models in the trafficsimulation with the real pilots behaviour. For these experiments a network of PC-based flightsimulators has been used using pilots world-wide via the internet, but also in a classroomenvironment. The results indicate that human pilots behave very similarly to the pilot models. Becauseof anticipating behaviour humans are better at avoiding peak conflict rates in complex conflict geometries.
Theme: Traffic Flow Optimisation
Posted by: Jacco Hoekstra / Other authors: Jaap Groeneweg, Ronald van
Note: Unset Received On Dec 20, 2005

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