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Paper 3 -- An Aggregate Dynamic Stochastic Model For An Air Traffic System

In this article, an aggregate stochastic model for an Air Traffic System (ATS) is developed. Specifically, using a stochastic description of an ATS based on Poisson processes, we construct a stochastic dynamic model for aircraft counts in regions of an airspace. As an example, the developed model is used to represent Center counts in the United States ATS. We also discuss parameter determination in the model, present some analyses of the model, and evaluate our methodology. Finally, two extensions of the basic model---a hierarchical model that represents aircraft counts in regions of various sizes at multiple time scales, and a model that incorporates stochastic disturbances such as thunderstorms---are described.
Theme: Metrics and Performance Management
Posted by: Banavar Sridhar
Note: Unset Received On Dec 20, 2005

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