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94 A Linear Programming Approach For Route And Level Flight Assignment Dritan Nace, Jacques Carlier, Nhat Linh, Vu Duong Traffic Flow Optimisation
95 Impact Of Operating Context On The Use Of Structure In Air Traffic Control Cognitive Processes Hayley Davison, Jonathan Histon, Margret Dora, R. John Human Factors
96 Investigating Fundamental Issues In Lateral Conformance Monitoring Using A Fault Detection Approach Tom Reynolds, John Hansman, Hong Li Decision Support
97 Trajectory-Oriented Time-Based Arrival Operations: Results And Recommendations Thomas Prevot, Everett Palmer, Paul Lee, Todd Callantine, Nancy Smith Air Ground Cooperation
99 Free Maneuvering, Trajectory Negotiation, And Self-Spacing Concepts In Distributed Air-Ground Traffic Management Paul Lee, Nancy Smith, Joey Mercer, Vernol Battiste, Walter Johnson Air Ground Cooperation
101 Multi-Aircraft Routing And Traffic Flow Management Under Uncertainty Arnab Nilim, Laurent El, Vu Duong Weather and Environment
102 Aircraft Relative Guidance: A Flatness Synthesis Of A New Autopilot Mode Thierry MIQUEL, Jean LEVINE, Felix MORA-CAMINO Air Ground Cooperation
103 Nas Genomics: New Techniques And Initial Results For System-Level Understanding Of Nas Behavior Terence Thompson, Mark Klopfenstein, James Wetherly Traffic Flow Optimisation
105 Information Support For Air Traffic Management In The Supersector: Kevin Corker Student Session
106 Operational Concepts For Supersector Gilles GAWINOWSKI, Jean-Yves GRAU, Didier Dohy, Laurent GUICHARD, Jean NOBEL Traffic Flow Optimisation
108 Terminal-Area Throughput: Measuring Capacity And Robustness Terence Thompson, Steve Bradford, Diana Liang, Michael Brennan Metrics and Performance Management
109 Air Traffic Complexity Based On Non Linear Dynamical Systems Stiphane PUECHMOREL, Daniel DELAHAYE Metrics and Performance Management
111 Implementing Regulation Authorities And Safety Regulations In European Atm: A Sociological Perspective Christine Fassert Student Session
112 Absolute Versus Relative Navigation: Theoretical Considerations From An Atm Perspective Eric Hoffman, Robert Graham, Christian Pusch, Karim Zeghal Air Ground Cooperation
115 Boeing Capacity Increasing Atm Concept For 2020 Aslaug Haraldsdottir, Ewald G., Robert W., Marissa K., Alvin H. Air Ground Cooperation
121 Statistic Analysis Of The Aeronautical And Air Traffic Students Education At The Faculty Of Transport And Traffic Engineering, University Of Zagreb Jelena Bistrica Student Session
122 A Vision Of Wake Vortex Research For Next 20 Years Peter Choroba Student Session
123 Air-Rail Inter-Modality From Passenger Perspective Antonia Cokasova Student Session
124 Evaluating The Performance Of Air Traffic Control Centres Marta Omero Student Session
125 Structuring Of Coordination Parameters At Airports Franziska Meier Student Session

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