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65 Proposal For Demand Management Using Auction-Based Arrival Slot Allocation George Donohue, Loan Le, Sanaa Kholfi, Chun-Hung Chen Student Session
67 Multi-Agent Situation Awareness Error Evolution In Accident Risk Modelling Sybert Stroeve, Henk Blom, Marco Van Safety
68 Handling Cfmu Slots In Busy Airports Jean-Baptiste Gotteland Airport Management
70 Capacity Enhancements In Imc For Airports With Converging Configurations With Knowledge Of Aircraft'S Expected Final Approach Speeds: A Case Study Art Smith, Anand Mundra, David Domino, Ahmed El-Sahragty, John Helleberg Airport Management
71 Optimized Sectorization Of Airspace With Constraints Huy TranDac, Philippe Baptiste, Vu Duong Traffic Flow Optimisation
73 Route Selection Decision Support In Convective Weather: A Case Study Of The Effects Of Weather And Operational Assumptions On Departure Throughput Rich DeLaura, Shawn Allan Decision Support
74 Results From The Initial Surface Management System Field Tests Stephen Atkins, Christopher Brinton, Deborah Walton, Kenneth Arkind, Peter Moertl Airport Management
75 Target Miss Distance To Achieve A Required Probability Of Conflict Richard Irvine Decision Support
76 Reducing Severe Weather Delays In Congested Airspace With Weather Decision Support For Tactical Air Traffic Management James Evans, Michael Robinson, Bradley Crowe, Diana Klingle-Wilson, Shawn Allan Weather and Environment
77 Analysis Of Constant Time Delay Airborne Spacing Between Aircraft Of Mixed Types In Varying Wind Conditions Dan Ivanescu, Eric Hoffman, Chris Shaw, Karim Zeghal Air Ground Cooperation
78 Airline Schedule Recovery In Collaborative Flow Management With Airport And Airspace Capacity Constraints Matthew Berge, Craig Hopperstad, Aslaug Haraldsdottir Traffic Flow Optimisation
82 Emergence Of Regional Jets And The Implications On Air Traffic Management Aleksandra Mozdzanowska, Jonathan Histon, R. John, Daniel Delahaye Student Session
84 Commercial Aviation Accidents Before And During The Alaska Capstone Implementation Of Ads-B, Fis-B, Terrain Situational Awareness, And Expanded Ifr In Worth Kirkman Safety
85 A Phased Approach To Increase Airport Capacity Through Safe Reduction Of Existing Wake Turbulence Constraints Wayne Cooper, Steven Lang, Anand Mundra, Clark Lunsford, Jeffrey Tittsworth Airport Management
86 Dynamic Density And Complexity Metrics For Realtime Traffic Flow Management Anthony Masalonis, Michael Callaham, Craig Wanke Metrics and Performance Management
87 Measurements Of Aircraft Wake Vortex Separation At High Arrival Rates And A Proposed New Wake Vortex Separation Philosophy David Rutishauser, George Donohue, Rudolph Haynie Airport Management
89 Validation Of The Janus Technique: Causal Factors Of Human Error In Operational Incidents Julia Pounds, Anne Isaac Safety
91 Using Historical Flight Data To Evaluate Airborne Demand, Delay And Traffic Flow Control Michael Brennan, Terence Thompson, Steve Bradford, Diana Liang Air Ground Cooperation
92 Use Of Generalized Activity Network Models For Analysis Of European Atm Development Projects Peter Kostiuk, Patrick Ky, Scott Houser Metrics and Performance Management
93 Relationships Between Measures Of Air Traffic Controller Voice Communications, Taskload, And Traffic Complexity Carol Manning, Cynthia Fox, Elaine Pfleiderer Human Factors

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