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32 Innovative Requirements Engineering Applied To Atm Neil Maiden, Mary Flynn, Sara Jones Human Factors
33 A Traffic Complexity Approach Through Cluster Analysis Nicolas Durand, Giraud Granger Metrics and Performance Management
34 Faa Operational Concept Validation - High Altitude Airspace Analysis ian crook, Diana Liang Metrics and Performance Management
36 A Medieval Tryptich, Cameos And Books: Innovative Concepts For Future Atm Scenarios Patrizia Marti, Claudio Moderini Air Ground Cooperation
39 Aircraft Performance Modeling For Air Traffic Management Applications Alexander Suchkov, Angela Nuic, Sipke Swierstra Decision Support
40 Pilot Interactions In An Over-Constrained Conflict Scenario As Studied In A Piloted Simulation Of Autonomous Aircraft Operations David Wing, Karthik Krishnamurthy, Richard Barhydt, Bryan Barmore Air Ground Cooperation
42 Safety Culture In Air Traffic Management: Air Traffic Control Esa Ek, Roland Akselsson, Marcus Arvidsson, Curt R, Billy Josefsson Safety
44 Air Traffic Complexity Indicators&Atc Sectors Classification Raphakl Christien, Azzedine Benkouar Metrics and Performance Management
45 Predictability And Uncertainty In Air Traffic Flow Management Leonard Wojcik, Kristine Mills, Joshua Pepper Metrics and Performance Management
46 Spectral Analysis Of Airport Capacity And Delay Jerry Welch, Shafique Ahmed Metrics and Performance Management
50 Presenting Uncertainty To Controllers And Pilots David Nicholls, Paolo Battino, Patrizia Marti, Simone Pozzi Decision Support
51 Flight Movement Inventory: Sage-Aero2K Sophie Michot, Ted Elliff, Brian Kim, Gregg Fleming Weather and Environment
53 Limited Dynamic Re-Routing Carolyn Sorensen, Diana Liang, Ian Crook Traffic Flow Optimisation
55 The Impact Of Aircraft Intent Information And Traffic Separation Assurance Responsibility Rob Ruigrok, Mario Valenti Air Ground Cooperation
56 Flight Evaluation Of A Time-Based Airborne Inter-Arrival Spacing Tool Gary W., Rosa Oseguera-Lohr, Terence Abbott, William Capron Air Ground Cooperation
57 The Impact Of Voice, Data Link, And Mixed Air Traffic Control Environments On Flight Deck Procedures Sandra Lozito, Lynne Martin, Melisa Dunbar, Alison McGann, Savita Verma Human Factors
58 Investigation Of Enroute Metrics For Model Validation And Airspace Design Using Taam George Donohue, Arash Yousefi, Khurram Qureshi Metrics and Performance Management
59 Common Trajectory Prediction Capability For Decision Support Tools Sip Swierstra, Steve Green Decision Support
60 Following The Paper Trail: Design Clues From Paper Flight Strips Frank Durso, Carol Manning Human Factors
64 A Human Factors Perspective On Free Routing And Airborne Separation Assurance In The Mediterranean Airspace Elisabeth Modin, Dirk Schdfer Human Factors

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