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Paper 152 -- Evaluating a New Formulation for Large-Scale Traffic Flow Management

In this paper, we introduce a new aggregate air traffic flow management model. Our integer programming model uses as a starting point the model recently introduced by Bertsimas, Lulli and Odoni. It employs a new set of more general airspace constructs that allow both more complex airspace elements to be represented as well as more aggregate-level modeling. We provide experimental results that indicate both the computational effectiveness of this model and its potential for decision support. We also discuss and provide general insights into the role of aggregate models in supporting traffic flow management for future air traffic management systems such as NextGen and SESAR.
Theme: Network and Strategic Traffic Flow Optimization
Keywords: air traffic management, optimization, strategic flow management, traffic flow management
Posted by: Andrew Churchill / Other authors: David Lovell, Michael Ball
Note: Unset Received On Jan 27, 2009

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