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Paper 122 -- Development of Flight Inefficiency Metrics for Environmental Performance Assessment of ATM

Air traffic management has a fundamentally important role in reducing the environmental impacts of air transportation. The potential causes of flight inefficiency are discussed, followed by the development of flight inefficiency metrics based on ground track extension and fuel burn to quantify the environmental performance of the system. These metrics are used with flight data to illustrate their utility. Lateral flight inefficiency metrics are found to be simple and compatible with current surveillance technologies, but they do not allow some important environmental performance characteristics to be identified. Fuel-based metrics are found to be far more effective in this regard, but suffer from significantly greater complexity in their implementation. The implications of the analyses for future ATM evolution strategies are discussed to show the insights that can be gained.
Theme: Environmental Impacts in ATM System Design and Operation
Keywords: air traffic management, environmental impacts, flight inefficiency metrics
Posted by: Tom Reynolds
Note: Unset Received On Jan 24, 2009

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